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Thursday, March 06, 2008
SMKDJ, Malaysia, et al

Updated here

Kevin Chan is a fellow SMK Damansara Jaya alum.
Champion debater.
ASEAN Scholarship holder.
Temporary DJ teacher.

He now writes elegantly, poignantly about the situation in SMKDJ today.

I know this to be true because even my brother has been telling me the same things.
Even when I was back in July-August 2007 my friends (then students) were saying the same things.

I look back at SMKDJ with pride. Because although it was repressive and conformist, it was less repressive and less conformist than other schools, and that is something to be proud of.

And that is why we excelled, baby.

Freaking 8 national debating titles in 7 years, baby (except last year).

National cheerleading titles.

Just the culture lah. DJ (almost) always won because we were great and we knew it.

And all the other schools knew it too.

But now it seems that our headmistress (imported from SMKDU, no less) is a microcosm of everything that's wrong with Malaysia. When blatant, stupid, brainless racism gets in the face of excellence, distinction, and honor, even logic.


But Datin picked the wrong school to mess with. DJ isn't SM Damansara Utama. ;)

Go read what Kevin wrote:

Well, for the benefit of all DJ alumni and current students in DJ, these are the changes that Datin has implemented (or at least tried to implement) so far (this is by no means a comprehensive list, just some of the things that I remember):

1. Attempted to shut down the cheerleading squad.

2. Attempted to shut down our school's strong Christian Fellowship (CF).

3. Made it mandatory that co-curricular clubs must have a certain number of Malays in their executive committee.

4. Took in a large number of Malay students into the prefectorial board without an interview. Note that other non-Malay students have to go through a rigorous selection and interview process before they are accepted as probationary prefects.

5. Reduced the number of periods a week for additional mathematics and increased the number of periods used to teach modern mathematics (which is largely regarded as an easier subject, unless you happen to come from a different planet), resulting in teachers making students stay back for extra classes. Didn't we also use to stay back for extra classes back in the time where we had more add math periods?


6. Keefe Chan: Our dear headmistress added RACIAL QUOTAS for competitions such as the interclass quiz held on the antidadah week.

7. Daryl: would you believe she used our school funds to hire a trailer to shift the 'semangat Djian' board and the tower of excellence. Andrew says: Why? Daryl: cuz it seems that those two things are not 'obvious' enough. So obviously, it would be ideal to relocate it to her liking and not to her expense.

8. Joseph Loh: Closed down CF's Prayer Meeting.

Let me make this clear that this is by no means a puerile attempt at defamation, but genuine concern for the future of SMKDJ. I am in no way anti-Malay; my dear Hamlet is very much Malay and she can so testify to that, but the injustice in my alma mater these days just fills me and quite a few other concerned DJ alumni with indignation.

I believe that DJ has always stood out in so many things ranging from sports, debates, cheerleading to our overall school culture because we were fair.

(continued [with pictures!] over here)


The current priorities are
1. Getting comprehensive, correct, and verifiable information about the HM's policies.
2. Exposing the information to students, parents and the PIBG (and maybe the public)
3. Changing these policies.

*All SMKDU jokes = facetious. Friendly rivalry.

If you guys have heard anything else about the Datin, please post them as comments either here or on Kevin's blog post. We'd like to compile a list of complaints that are to be undone in SMKDJ.

Somebody substantiate these claims? We need to double check every claim. And we need brave people/students who use their real names so that we can verify facts with them.

Djian (name please?) :
  • there are no form 3 malay all. a few malays went for interviews and probations but none of them got through even though they are one of the best students in the form.
  • (Andrew says: I don't think this is true. If they're in Form Three now, they were in Form One when I was a teacher in 2006. I can't remember exact names (so sorry!!!! except for a certain Ariff Suffian :) ), but I distinctly remember a few other Malay prefects -- very cute ones! From 1 Cengal in 2006. I taught them Civics and they were the most eloquent, vivacious, fun, witty, cutecutecutecutecute Form 1 class I had. One of them was in charge of the afternoon doa. Photos below.)
  • imagine from 4 malay probates all of them are dropped without any solid reasons being given even after going through all those interviews and practices.
  • ( Somebody says: some of the claims made by 'djian' and they might be true... the malay prefects u were talking about (syazmir, fawazz, sophia aliza and a few others), their names were actually dropped from the prefectorial board. sophia aliza, a really sweet, nice girl went for a 2nd probation this year and again, she didnt get through with being a prefect... i know this particular chinese prefect who was really playful when he was in form 2 and yea he got through with being a prefect.)
  • Andrew says: Wow really! My cute prefects! :( The plot thickens. Hmmm -- does racism work both ways?
  • Fuzzy situation -- Need more info here.
  1. We need more facts and numbers. 
  2. Can someone tell me who the head prefects are?
  3. And we should confirm stuff with the teacher advisors for the prefects.
  4. We also need prefectorial board and probation criteria.
  • in the mean time, chinese prefects who give probs to teachers like not doing homework, being a slacker got thru with ease.
  • E.Y (name please?) says: [Some Malays] did get in easily without having to go thru 2 months of probation... From what I know, a few malays came in for less than a mth n made it thru

Discussion on my post on facebook here:

Yee-Yoon Ng (Malaysia) wrote
at 7:47am
Yeah, I heard about that and worse:/ This Datin seems quite blatantly racist!

Wey Yiing Yap (Australia) wrote
at 7:49am
you sure? nothing mentioned the last time i went back?

Michelle Ooi (Malaysia) wrote
at 9:21am
yes! yes!! i thank God i've got nothing to do with Datin anymore now.. my poor brother..
Sook-Yeen Lee (no network) wrote
at 11:08am
i heard about it too....

we have little taiwan.. mini China... all showing little figures of how the place looks like..

Look! Malaysia has Little Malaysia oso! it's called SMKDJ! and its better than those other little small worlds! this one actually SHOWS what malaysia is like in REAL TIME on a small scale!! whoopee!!

(my sarcastic bone is a little loose today... damn..)
Andrew Loh wrote
at 4:05pm
oo guys if you've heard anything else, please post here/on kevin's blog? we want to compile a list of complaints for the datin to roll back.

she's messing with the wrong people -- we're not smk damansara utama. ;)
Joo Ken Au Yong (RCS Ireland) wrote
at 6:12pm
"(imported from SMKDU, no less)"

"she's messing with the wrong people -- we're not smk damansara utama. ;)"

Well I do hope that you can make the distinction between Datin and SMKDU. I can safely say that the alleged changes she made in DJ were unheard of during her time as Senior Assistant 1 in DU.

Maybe it's just my school pride speaking, but please do not tar the entire school with the same brush. We as a school cannot be held accountable for one individual's supposed actions.

Is mise le meas,
Joo Ken
Andrew Loh wrote
at 6:40pm
oui :) i was just being facetious.

Tee Shern Ren (Australian National) wrote
at 8:36pm
Well I doubt Datin or any of our teachers have facebook so ranting on a group or a note will be pointless. If we want to object we need to do so on some kind of legal basis.

Aren't there guidelines concerning the formation of co-curricular activity groups in schools, and concerning the range of power that a headmistress would have? The best forum from which to launch some kind of complaint would be through the PIBG; a number of us have siblings still in school so that might be a viable way of going about it. Also, it should be possible to voice this to mass media e.g. newspapers, but we need more reliable statistics e.g. numbers showing a disproportionate enlistment of Malays as prefects w.r.t. their proportion in the school population.
Andrew Loh wrote
at 8:45pm
abuden :)
Tee Shern Ren (Australian National) wrote
at 9:30pm
Alright, I've been looking through some circulars down at the MoE's website, and by the looks of it we don't have much of a leg to stand on. The PIBG has no say over school administration other than acting in an advisory role, if even that; the headmistress has a lot of power, and the only avenue through which she might be challenged is based on SMKDJ's rules - and I doubt we would have much to work on from there, the rules have never made anything about SMKDJ great.

There are a few possibilities:

1. Wait for the HM to step down (which apparently is soon) and hope that her successor has the objectivity to reverse these ridiculous decisions. Quite frankly, it may be naive to assume that we have any other practical course of action.

2. Media complaint i.e. a letter to the newspapers. This will drum up support but I doubt that this alone can lead to any actual action being taken. It might even have a reverse effect, i.e. parents considering what school to send their children to ...
Tee Shern Ren (Australian National) wrote
at 9:36pm
... will think "DJ? Isn't that the school with racist administration?" We need to remember that our reputation shouldn't be taken for granted and that there's no point defending our school's reputation if it means that the number of students who want to go there decrease.

3. Liaison with the PIBG. While they have no official / legal power they have stronger social standing. It may even be that some of them are completely unaware of the situation but would protest if they knew.

4. Official action through the Ministry of Education. This is an extremely far shot but if it worked, I think we won't be the only school to benefit. For this to work we need to look hard at considerations in the Constitution, the National Philosophy of Education, and any other relevant policies, and point out how the decisions being taken in school strongly contravene those policies. To be effective this probably needs to be officially initiated by teachers in school rather than by an outside party ...
Tee Shern Ren (Australian National) wrote
at 9:44pm
... bearing in mind that the DJ Alumni doesn't have much of an official existence and certainly none recognizable to the MoE.

We need to know first and foremost how long the HM will still be in school - as far as I know she is only staying until the end of this year at latest, and if that is the case the best line of action is probably discreet collection of pertinent data to present the case to her successor. No point trying to change her mind if she herself is changing soon. But the most important thing now is to find strong instruments of measurement to show that the school's quality is in decline and that this has to be reversed. One important indicator to me is that in the Ministry's 2007 report card on the '06-'10 Education Development Master Plan, a number of schools were selected for excellence in the niche area of debating, including SMK Convent Bukit Nanas, whom we've beaten before! And yet DJ wasn't on that list despite our historical achievements in debating. We need ...
Tee Shern Ren (Australian National) wrote
at 9:44pm
... more indicators like this.

So how? Where do we go from here?
Andrew Loh wrote
at 10:10pm
Haha Shern Ren I love you!

The current priorities are
1. Getting comprehensive, correct, and verifiable information about the HM's policies.
2. Exposing the information to students, parents and the PIBG (and maybe the public)
3. Changing these policies.

1. According to a current student, the current HM will be stepping down in July. Waiting is not the way -- such things have been swept under the carpet for way too long.

2. Media complaint -- I'll expand on this -- public exposure and subsequent external pressure. Right now we can work with the MP-elect of PJ Utara: Tony Pua (DAP) or Chew Mei Fun (BN), whomever wins. Also newspapers, online blogs, etc.

On the contrary, I think that protecting our reputation is a weaker argument against exposing and hopefully correcting unjust policies. Also think of the experiential empowerment and solidarity students, parents, the PIBG, and the community at large might gain from this...
Andrew Loh wrote
at 10:18pm
...Logically, if the policies are changed: yay; the people find their voices heard and a precedent for more community involvement in such situations will be set. Kids in SMKDJ are grumbling about this -- a success could inspire the kids towards activism, speaking out, etc.

If the policies aren't changed in the end: it would be tragic, but it is always better to expose injustice and fight it when we have so many tools at our disposal (albeit not through official/legal power).

Again, it is the experience of fighting injustice that counts most in the long run. If DJ gains a worse reputation from this, so be it, but I beg to differ: I think DJ students will gain positive recognition for trying to change the system instead of just complaining.

3. PIBG is a given. My mom should? can? take care of this; I believe most parents, after understanding the situation, would be inclined to take action and protest such policies...

4. Official action is a non-starter...

Andrew Loh wrote
at 10:32pm
...The MoE barely listens to schools for legitimate requests (money, etc), what more racist policies of a HM. And we have Hishamuddin up there.

Collection of data will continue -- but I disagree with the discreetness. It is awareness that counts in the long run, without public (or at least, student+parent+PIBG) exposure, SMKDJ will always be vulnerable to such stupidity. We need a united, informed community to be ever-vigilant for the greatest good.

Quality in decline -- this should not be the most important justification to act against unjust policies! Unjust policies should be undone because they are unjust. And also the repercussions of these policies take time to manifest themselves -- might be too late by then. I disagree with the importance of such indicators, although I agree that they will definitely be beneficial in argumentation.
Tee Shern Ren (Australian National) wrote
at 10:36pm
I agree with your list of priorities. However, we will definitely need the cooperation of current teachers in school. The easiest place to start is to try to find a paper trail: if there is official record of the new policies, that will give us a good head start in putting together an argument, while if there is no official record of the policies then the headmistress doesn't have a leg to stand on for implementing them and this will make reversing them easier.

The one possible snag in this is that such documents might, might just come under the Official Secrets Act. In that case, we will have to get down to documentation of the effects (which we would have to do at any rate). Quite frankly though, I wouldn't have any inkling of where to begin such an investigation. Do you?
Andrew Loh wrote
at 10:43pm
Don't know. :)

And yes the paper trail is a good idea. Kevin Chan is a temporary teacher at DJ now so we'll see if he can find something, along with the other temporary/permanent teachers.
Kalkena Sivanesam (SMK Damansara Utama) wrote
at 12:22am
OMG!!!! i can't believe this is happening... we have to find a way to stop her. her and her racial biased is gonna ruin the school that i am so proud of. we must do soemthin before its all destroyed. people...!!!!!
Thuan Lip Ong (Malaysia) wrote
at 4:57am
Hi there. Class of '90 checking in. I read this post with interest.

To add some facts - there IS an official SMDJ/SMKDJ alumni. The website is at Facebook page is at

To me, this is definitely an issue that the DJ Alumni should take up and bring to the attention of the PJ Utara MP - hopefully it will be Tony Pua as he is very passionate about education.
Hazwani Hashim (New Zealand) wrote
at 4:05pm
Thank god u brought it up here. Or else i wouldnt have known. okay, my bad for not finding out. But in no way at all do I agree with what's happening =/
Dominic Henry Chin (Malaysia) wrote
at 7:59pm
Hi Thuan Lip and all,

1. The Alumni has been officially registered.
2. I personally feel that the Alumni should not be dragged into this issue as it is of current school policy. The body that should deal with this is the PIBG.
3. Nevertheless, the pro-tem committee have been alerted, and I am sure a decision will be made soon as to where we really want to stand in this matter.
4. For those who are still in the system, do not wait for the HM to step down. Time consuming, but follow the usual protocol: collect evidence, bring it up to the PIBG. If nothing happens, bring it up to the Ministry level.

Tee Shern Ren (Australian National) wrote
at 9:48pm on March 7th, 2008
Ok after some further thought I think there are two things we can prioritize on:

1. Prefectorial board selection and probation procedures.
2. Racial quotas in C&S (clubs and societies) committees and competitions.

These are the two areas which are most vital (esp. prefects) and which should have most documented evidence.
Kevin Chan Jun Zeng (Singapore) wrote
at 11:34am
I'm going to school to do some snooping tmr so I'll be sure to keep you ppl posted! Should be able to speak to some reliable teachers tomorrow. Wish me luck!
Lee Yin Ling (University of Melbourne) wrote
at 9:31pm on March 11th, 2008
good luck! gosh why the virus also spread to DJ ... sad!!!
Joon Chan (Oregon) wrote
at 4:45am on March 12th, 2008
Widespread awareness among the parents of current students is crucial. Th e PTA is important, but we must also accept the fact it is only a small pool of representatives and this magnifies the chance of bias.
Paper fliers detailing this issue are the most direct way to let parents of students to be aware, as not many might read mass print media. It does not cost much to make some 500 copies of these fliers and these can be distributed easily outside school grounds - as to avoid potential problems. However, I must stress that before anything like this is done, the alleged discrimination need to be verified first (or not, awareness could lead to a call for verification).
I believe, with the urban and prosperous population of Damansara. Many parents would be well educated, from lawyers to doctors; with substantial wealth and influence to make changes.Furthermore, with their childrens' future at stake, I am almost sure that action will be taken.
Ai-Suan Lee (Malaysia) wrote
at 3:14am
It's sad that our alma mater is regressing because of Datin. I know this because I've 2 siblings currently in SMKDJ who sometimes complain about Datin's racist policies. I heard that she's going to retire soon?

However, we shouldn't just wait.. and wait... for that to happen because that's not semangat DJian, is it? Things should not be swept under the carpet. Thank you to those who raised the issue! I suggest highlighting it in the media (eg newspaper articles etc) because our parents don't usually use facebook and stuff. I heard that the PM set up a website for people to voice their complains called Warkah Untuk PM or something like that? Also, I think the PTA is aware, just that people don't take action.

Everytime my siblings complain, I always tell myself, "thank goodness I've left school!" Gather enough evidence, then get the support of more ex-DJians, parents, etc. Considering the majority of educated people in PJ, most would at least have a sense of justice on the matter.

Jian Wei (Malaysia) wrote
at 3:44am yesterday
I just happen to be from the a school that has UNDERGONE such pathetic reversal in logical and sound policies. Though I have to state that my school isn't suffering from racial problems though, more like....aloofness among certain key personels?

You should just write to Tony Pua and ask him to give your headmistress an Oxford shock of meritocracy.
Dominic Henry Chin (Malaysia) wrote
at 2:58am
Just to keep the group updated, the OFFICIAL DJ ALUMNI had a meeting two days back, and as promised, this topic was in the agenda. As expected, the committee has decided to abstain from getting involved in this issue as the proper representative body is the PIBG, not the alumni.

At present, a bit more on the Alumni, it has been officially registered, and the first official annual dinner should be held sometime in July. More information will be available once the venue and date has been confirmed. Membership forms will be made available on the website, soon. Also, please register yourselves with the FB group under SMK Damansara Jaya Alumni.


Posted at 07:26 pm by andrewlza

March 6, 2008   10:43 AM PST
ooch...zannen desu!
March 6, 2008   08:37 PM PST
shes a pain. Even pn betty quarrels with her every now and then. for someone whos gonna retire in July, she really is up to alot of crap. Now our school is competing to be the sekolah harapan and we students have to work our butts off. Plus: would you believe she used our school funds to hire a trailer to shift the 'semangat Djian' board and the tower of excellence. and btw, i heard it was the principle of smkdu who abolished the school cf and the other stuff, not the datin. The datin merely tried to imitate her but clearly failed. Many believed the principal of smkdu could do it because there were less chinese in that school and there were alot of malays in that school whereas the chinese made up the most of the population in our school. Besides, we have one hell of an active PIBG to back us up. I heard that the PIBG in SMKDu is kinda inactive.
March 7, 2008   12:05 AM PST
fyi, not every of the things written about datin's actions are true. there are no form 3 malay all. a few malays went for interviews and probations but none of them got through even though they are one of the best students in the form. imagine from 4 malay probates all of them are dropped without any solid reasons being given even after going through all those interviews and practices. in the mean time, chinese prefects who give probs to teachers like not doing homework, being a slacker got thru with ease. hmm thats weird. how come datin didnt do anything about this?

and about there must be malays on the executive commitee of the clubs..but words are words but there are still clubs who dont even have any single malay on the do u explain that?and the malays who are prefects or who holds post in clubs are there because they deserve it, not because they are malays, per se.

datin might be a lil hard sometimes but lets not forget that smkdj is still on its right track to success. the PMR results this year went up by 3% this year...our school is selected by the MOE as the nominees of 'sekolah cemerlang'. if datin was so bad, these things might not have happened. sure the students play an important role in these successes but the HM is the driving force of every school. so lets not look at one side of the situation only, shall we

March 7, 2008   04:18 AM PST
Since I'm in finals mood, "a few malays went for interviews and probations but none of them got through even though they are one of the best students in the form."

Well, first of all I don't think that being a really good student is the sole determining criteria for getting selected as a prefect. Good students do not always equal good prefects.

"but there are still clubs who dont even have any single malay on the do u explain that?"

given the high non-malay population in DJ, it is entirely possible that there are clubs that have an entirely non-malay member base, making the rule inapplicable.

"and the malays who are prefects or who holds post in clubs are there because they deserve it, not because they are malays, per se."

okay, I'll take your word for it.

"the PMR results this year went up by 3% this year..."

is this an increase in real terms, taking into account the prevalent grade inflation, or is this in nominal terms? Nominal values don't really tell me how well we've really been doing compared to previous years. If average results got inflated by 5% but we only improved by 3%, it's a net loss of 2%. Given the well-known Malaysian tendency to grade inflate, it is entirely possible that we might have lost footing in reality.

"our school is selected by the MOE as the nominees of 'sekolah cemerlang'. if datin was so bad, these things might not have happened. "

SMDJ has always been performing quite well regardless of who the headperson is. This is probably because the students who select themselves into SMDJ probably come from upper-middle class, well-educated parents anyway, and thus tend to do much better than their peers in other schools. Who the headperson is and what he/she does probably has very little influence on the quality of the students. Also, in my years of schooling there, I personally did not see any inspiring speeches by any headmistress, any special intervention programs that tried to give students a leg up on life or with their studies over other schools, nor anything to indicate that the headmistress was trying to shape my life positively or cared about my existence.
March 7, 2008   11:59 AM PST
Wow really! My cute prefects! :( The plot thickens. Hmmm -- does racism work both ways?

1. We need more facts and numbers.
2. Can someone tell me who the head prefects are?
3. And we should confirm stuff with the teacher advisors for the prefects.
4. We also need prefectorial board and probation criteria.

March 7, 2008   01:08 PM PST
Hey andrew, have some stuff to add about our dear datin.. just hope it helps.

- Our dear headmistress added RACIAL QUOTAS for competitions such as the interclass quiz held on the antidadah week. Saying this on behalf of my classmates (4 Batai) who were supposed to get 1st and got wrongly disqualified because they didn't satisfy the racial quota of having at least 3 races per team (all chinese = win, duh).WTFBBQ. When we asked the teacher for the rationale behid this suspicious ruling, all we got was, "Datin's orders (WHAT A SURPRISE)" The slow but sure death of meritocracy in DJ (at least until June, lah). This may just be a minor issue but it's the little things that count, isn't it? Lets kick her ass, then brag about it. DJ is something too dear to me, I can't bear to lose it. We just can't.

*If you want me to verify sources or anything else, gimme a ring at I'll help the best i can.
March 7, 2008   02:22 PM PST
Hey there. I disagree abt malays not getting thru. They did get in easily without having to go thru 2 months of probation like the others be it chinese or indian. Im not being racist here or anything but I
think its unfair for those who spent 2 months trying to prove they're capable & truthfully they are but was dropped. From what I know, a few malays came in for less than a mth n made it thru. I feel tht we should all be treated fairly based on our capability and not becoz there are no malays, indians or chinese so we let them thru to balance the scale. I also felt sorry for those who were dropped without any proper reasons and I believe we do hav the rights to know what we're dropped for. Keefe, I do 100% agree wif u. Everyone deserves to be treated fairly, n ever since her plans on school being pink, It just look really odd. Semangat DJIAN board ended up hidden on the walls of the p.m staff room? Im paying school fees for her to hire a trailer to shift school properties? -.-'' She shouldn't hv try to change the culture in DJ because we all love it the way it was. Attempting to abolish CF & The Cheerleading squad is one of the many she should never attempt to abolish coz they made our school proud and well-known. I believe I have said enough for now. I just don't like the way she handles the school matters & going all racism on us. -.-'
March 9, 2008   12:20 AM PST
cuz it seems that those two things are not 'obvious' enough. So obviously, it would be ideal to relocate it to her liking and not to her expense.
March 9, 2008   10:29 AM PDT
Then she should probably just keep her mouth shut n stop bringing this semangat djian issue up every assembly.Even by making a new board n putting it on the other side of block F isnt much of a difference.. like anyone is going to see it. No car tht passes by is going to see it like before. -.-' Please don't embarrass yourself, Datin. What semangat djian?
March 12, 2008   05:24 AM PDT
I feel uncomfortable about this. Let us first examine why these quotas were implemented in the first place. My guess is to increase the Malay involvement in school activities and to promote racial intergration. Now I believe this to be a good thing, but imposing a blatant Racial quotas on clubs, or disqualifying a whole debate team based on that is just not the right path to take.
If the aim is to have a well represented group of debaters, let the selection of the teams be random instead. That way we we can eliminate the allegations of racial collusion. Granted this is against the idea of meritocracy, but consider the NEP! Affirmative action is our national policy, and we should not be surprised if it spills over to the schools. Affirmative action policies would inadvertently cause discrimination, so the real aim here is to minimize the costs of it to a tolerable level and to make sure that the results desired are achieved. Otherwise it would just be a wasted cause ( boohoo NEP...)

On the prefectorial issue, correct me if I am wrong. Does the approval of a prefect depend on the student board of prefects? Or is it solely based on a representative teacher assigned to manage the board? If it is the latter, We should question the teacher in charge.
April 5, 2008   11:31 AM PDT
Gosh, I'd never have noticed this discussion had I not been helping out with some "Program Ponteng Sifar". Lol. I'll get a few things through... The Malay prob who failed, failed because of her 'group' in the afternoon prefects board 2007. I mean, the afternoon teachers had complained about their notoriety while they were in the board, the whole group. That's about what I can remember... The prob was quite ok actually asking me. The main thing however was that the new Ms can just get into the board as easily as I write my name backwards. Ehehe. I believe what ticks us off the most is that they managed to join at the very moment they entered the school? After the probation period? The results of 'who passes probation' depends on the final approval of a list of names given to the admin after the Disc. teachers have a discussion with the probation AJKs. I don't know if I should disclose specific info here though. I'll be dead if I'm found out O.O
*I'll help as much as I can! Maybe sources or etc.
September 20, 2008   10:59 AM PDT
Hey, i know this is pretty outdated, but on your prefects selection case, I must admit they have bad selection. I know I may sound like a backstabber and a bitch here, my I must admit my 2 friends, both prefects a chinese and Indian(one's a new one, another went through probate and passed) do not deserve their title and post.

Firstly, the chinese girl is not a serious person. She makes the most noise in class , and the noise she makes is from her ridiculous loud singing, asking teacher really rhetorical questions(the teacher had mentioned it many time previously on the same period), always writing their report late, using the prefects recess to ponteng class(before the sports day ,they constantly went to "help" the morning session to march.
Her unnecessary noise making in class daily(yes now, even we're all facing PMR pressure) distract me and my friend , who sits next to her from studying(i sit in front of this prefect, and beside the Indian one).
She is one close friend to me, but I must say this, She DOES NOT deserve to receive the prefect post.
She usually drag us(us means the 4 of us who sit near each other, 2 rows, one back one front) into her troubles, which also , constantly irritates us. She is very rude to students and teachers , and constantly disrupts the process of studying in class. I have been warning her, threatening to complain to the Prefect Teachers about her attitude. She also does not do her homework(no joking here).

Well, the Indian girl(i am not being a racist here) is not that bad as the Chinese girl. Only thing is that she is really lazy sometimes.

And um in the post where Zafirah said something about some f3 prefect who is lazy, the prefects told me about him before.

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